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Mr. Olivier Maillard sent an open letter on behalf of the CPI two days before the decision to open the book trade to the ministries of culture of the federal government, Bavaria and Baden Württemberg as well as to the Ministry of Economics. You can read the letter to Ms. Anja Karliczek as an example here.

First reactions in Italy give every reason for hope:
How we can support you now as a publisher can be found in our customer release here .

The first reaction of readers in Austria is optimistic. According to the "Business Insider", the book trade is experiencing a strong influx. "Many bookstores would also have had an above-average number of visitors and sales. There were also some snakes there. In the electrical, fashion and shoe trade, on the other hand, there was relatively little going on. ”You can find the entire article here:

Status quo and measures

Dear customers,

please note our current customer letter entitled "Austria gives hope"!

"As we see in Austria, we can justifiably hope for a significant increase in demand. According to the" Business Insider ", the book trade is experiencing a strong influx." Many bookstores would also have had an above-average number of visitors and sales (source:

The figures from the Media Control Retail Panel Austria Annual Comparison 2019 to 2020 for KW16 are more specific. According to this, fiction (category 1) had a sales increase of + 28% the previous week! With 24% growth in the comparison period (product group 7) - social science / law / economics "only" has a gap of -9% to the previous year. "

We are ready to help! Please share your ideas with us on how we can support you.

Status: 28.05.2020 08:00 Uhr

CPI info on Covid-19
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Olivier Maillard (Executive Board)

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General information for customers

No CPI locations are currently affected
The goods traffic to and from the Czech Republic is not restricted
No major suppliers and service providers in the supply chain to CPI affected
No delivery destinations from our customers are affected

General information for employees

We would like to thank all employees for solidarity, commitment and creativity during this time. Compliance with precautionary hygiene measures is an example. We also ask that you strictly adhere to this: washing your hands, keeping your distance, no strangers go into the company.

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Central contact for employee matters:
Dr. Jens Meisinger