CPI Books is more than ready!

CPI Books is more than ready!

Author Antje Rávik Strubel has won the German Book Prize, worth 25,000 euros, for "Blaue Frau," published by S. Fischer. For Strubel's publisher S. Fischer, it is the second win at the German Book Prize. With "Die Mittagsfrau" by Julia Franck, the Holtzbrinck publishing house was already able to secure the prize in 2007.

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The title was no longer available in some online stores immediately after the award. However, it is in reprint, and on Friday (Oct. 22) the reprint run of 100,000 copies should be ready. The production manager reports, "The printer CPI Books, Leck is standing by - with four shortlist nominations as a production site more than 65% chance of reprinting - and knows the usual procedure in the case."

German Book Prize for Antje Rávik Strubel

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