One of the most efficient black and white printers in Europe

One of the most efficient black and white printers in Europe

An environmentally friendly production method is our obligation. We have been able to significantly reduce all emissions. To protect the natural environment and to protect our employees.

- What are the origins of CPI Black Print?

X.V.: The company was born about ten years ago and since 2010 it has been part of the French group CPI, the first monochrome printer in Europe, which has 16 plants in various countries and prints more than 500 million books a year. Our plant prints 50 million copies a year and we have become one of the references within our group, especially in printing paperbacks.

- But not only in pocket books...

J.F.P.: Traditionally we have dedicated ourselves to the pocket format, both Spanish and European, since they have different dimensions. However, it has been three years since we started printing new products (known as the Trade format) and growing our market share in Spain, although our scope of action is international. In fact, around 75% of our production is for publishers in other European countries - especially France - and the United States.

- What client profile do you target?

X.V.: To large and medium sized publishers. Historically, Black Print focused primarily on high-volume paperback printing, but the dynamics of the market have changed in recent years, resulting in more and more orders but fewer copies. Having the flexibility to respond to this new landscape has allowed us to reach out to smaller publishers as well.

- What differentiates CPI Black Print from its competitors?

J.F.P.: I think what best defines us is our competitiveness and commitment to a customer who, today, is looking for suppliers who are proactive, fast, efficient and, as I said, flexible. In this sense, the fact that we have entered the novelty market has made it essential to be able to quickly supply a client when sales of a book soar.

X.V.: Another important aspect is that we are one of the printers that has invested the most, both in production capacity and in making the best technology available to our clients. This effort has made us one of the most productive and efficient companies in Europe and several plants of the group visit us to adopt our formula.

- Technology and human team...

X.V.: The team is very committed to the project and is a basic component of our success. Without this social harmony and involvement with the vocation of service and quality, we would not be able to move forward with these 50 million books. We are a cohesive and involved team with a very low rotation, which implies that those who work with us feel comfortable. Today, after increasing our staff by 20% in the last two years, there are 139 people working at Black Print.

- What are the future challenges for CPI Black Print?

J.F.P.: Our entry into the Trade format has meant that our strategy over the last three years has focused on the Spanish market, which is a priority for us. We have reinforced our commercial structure in Barcelona and Madrid and the intention is to continue growing in our country.

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