Paper and materials shortage is the post-Corona challenge for the entire book industry

Paper and materials shortage is the post-Corona challenge for the entire book industry

What appeared to be a warning sign in the summer has come to pass more violently than many had believed. Of course, it is difficult to obtain paper; this can be seen in almost every trade magazine and even in the business press in the meantime. However, this is not enough, because there are other challenges: chemicals, plastics, cardboard packaging and, of course, pallets, which in the meantime are almost no longer affordable or available. Once the book has been produced in spite of this, and because of CPI's good networking, the process continues. Logistics capacities are tight, both on the road and at wholesalers and handling warehouses.
It remains to be seen when this situation will "return to normal". Another challenge also occupies us: good personnel. We are looking for reinforcements, especially in production, and we are hearing the same from our partners. So it will remain exciting for quite a while.

No blanket statements and no patent remedies help here. Every day we face the challenge and produce as good as around the clock with the goal to make possible what is possible. Below you will find some press comments, which we will also update in the next few days.

Source: Buchreport; 23.09.2021

Press releases:
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