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Funding program NEUSTART KULTUR

As part of the NEUSTART KULTUR future program, the federal government has made available funds for publishers to cope with the crisis. As a publisher, you can apply for funding for printing and production costs for newly published books.
One publication can be funded with up to 10,000 euros per publisher (the general conditions and requirements can be found in the links below). In the case of publishing groups, there are up to two titles.
Apply to the Börsenverein by 30.06.2021!

Apply now and secure up to 10,000 euros in subsidies!

Full information on the entire application can be found here.

Calculation of the funding amount

Assistance in estimating the amount of possible funding from the "NEUSTART KULTUR" program

The requirements for publication and for the applicant himself must be met. Furthermore, the program is limited in time and the total resources that are available are limited. So it is possible that you meet all the requirements but still receive no funding.

* All statements without guarantee.
CPI is not liable for the topicality, correctness or other assumptions.
Only the current funding guidelines apply. You can inquire about this at the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels.