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CPI enters into cooperation with Zeitfracht

CPI enters into cooperation with Zeitfracht

Zeitfracht Print On Demand & Distribution Expansion:
Strategic partnership with CPI

Erfurt, 17 February 2021 Zeitfracht GmbH and CPI Germany announce today a broad strategic partnership. The collaboration will result in the expansion of Print-on-Demand (PoD) activities at Zeitfracht. CPI will take over PoD production within Zeitfracht GmbH's distribution & logistics centre in Erfurt by latest the start of 2022.

The partnership brings together the expertise of both companies. Zeitfracht GmbH's unique Ger-man book supply chain services, including wholesale, distribution and logistics between publishers and book retailers, and CPI‘s extensive book production experience will bring new supply chain solutions to publishers and trade customers.

The collaboration will enable a significant growth in titles available for fast digital printing straight from order. Publishers that buy distribution services with Zeitfracht & CPI will also benefit from the joint delivery of PoD and warehouse titles.