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CPI Books is the Germany's leading book printing service provider. Our customers benefit from our supply-chain solutions and global print network. CPI produces books and journals across multiple channels including; Trade, STMA, Tax, Law, Bibles, Catalogues, as well as Self-Publishing.

CPI provides a set of service models for publishers and self publishers across markets both on a domestic and worldwide basis. Whether you are looking for a Zero Inventory model or a Global Print Solution CPI has a service to suit your business needs. For over 10 years our team has been dedicated to providing clients with industry leading solutions such as Auto Stock Replenishment and CPI continues to work with our partners to provide not only the most up-to-date solutions but those that best support our clients.

We lead the book printing market with the latest deployment of inkjet digital printing technology, integrated warehousing, distribution and supply-chain solutions, thanks to significant investments in digital technology and advanced internal IT solutions.

CPI Books manufactures across four sites in Germany and the Czech Republic: CPI Leck (Clausen & Bosse); CPI Ulm (Ebner & Spiegel); CPI Zeitfracht (CPI Druckdienstleistungen); CPI Moravia producing 160 million books every year, as well as diaries and journals.

Each site specialises in its own market and collectively we seamlessly print from single copy order Print on Demand (PoD) to a million copies of the latest best seller, and everything in between.

As part of the wider group CPI has 16 printing factories spread out over 5 countries (France, the UK, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic). With an impressive heritage – a rich industrial past, featuring prestigious books printers such as Firmin-Didot in France (1713), Ebner & Spiegel in Germany (1817) or Mackays in the United Kingdom (1857). Today, at the heart of the transition to digital, the company combines its industrial power with innovative computerised solutions to create even more value for its customers.


A strong partner at your side.
Our customers publish books, scientific journals, catalogues, manuals and technical and business documents in their thousands, every day. CPI’s manufacturing capabilities are unique in Europe, with over 50 rotary offset or digital facilities, and dozens of presses and binding lines. Based on a policy of regular investment, our industrial strategy is focused on the long term and is supported by leading suppliers.
Choosing CPI means choosing security. Our scale offers the reassurance of handling a production peak or an unforeseen event, with the facility to manufacture in multiple locations for increased security. It means delivering on time, no matter what happens. Our network of 16 printing plants, all connected to the same system, ensures optimal use of our industrial tool.



Our teams experience at your service.
With 16 printers in 5 countries, around 2,500 people work every day in our facilities, producing books, catalogues, journals and business documents for our customers. CPI’s teams are at the heart of their markets, and are attentive to customers and the concerns of publishers, companies and anyone who entrusts us with the printing of their books and documents.
We can print by the unit or runs of several hundred thousand copies, in a wide range of formats and finishes, with an unequalled level of quality. And thanks to the work of our teams, who are constantly designing new products, we continuously innovate. Printing may be a traditional industry but, we’re convinced, it’s an industry of the future.



Being one step ahead makes all the difference.
Declining circulations, tighter deadlines, inventory management and the need for increased responsiveness; these are some of the challenges we face, in an industry undergoing profound change. Very early on, CPI invested in computerised solutions which now form the basis of a wide service offering and provide a solution to the needs of today.
These services form the basis of an extensive offering which meets the current needs of our industry; on-demand printing, automated restocking, zero stockholding, distribution, and web-to-print. The power of digital printing technologies, supported by the agility of digital tools, is perfectly suited to the needs of the market. This is what makes CPI unique and what creates value for our customers.














With 16 factories spread out over five countries, CPI is one of the major players in the printing market in Europe. We produce books and printed documents for major publishing houses, large industrial groups and service companies, and administrative bodies.

With an impressive heritage – a rich industrial past, featuring prestigious printers such as Firmin-Didot in France (1713), Ebner & Spiegel in Germany (1817) or Mackays in the United Kingdom (1857) – CPI is the first European printer to have invested in digital inkjet printing. Today, at the heart of the transition to digital, we combine our industrial power with innovative computerised solutions to create even more value for our customers.

CPI is a French group founded in 1996 and is privately owned.


We operate production processes that respect people and the environment.

Our commitment to environmental protection goes beyond regulatory obligations such as paper traceability (all of our printers are certified FSC) and waste recycling. We invest in reforestation programmes and are developing a “zero emission” policy in some of our factories.

We attach particular importance to the training of our staff through continuous training programmes in all countries where we operate. In 2015, CPI opened its Training Centre for Careers in Digital Printing in France, which is open to all of our employees and students.


The CPI Group is fully committed to continual improvement on the environmental impact of its business activities. CPI’s environmental policy confirms our pledge to ensure all our employees, suppliers and customers are aware of their role in supporting CPI to achieve our sustainability objectives. Our environmental objectives focus on ensuring our business remains at the forefront of the printing industry for using sustainable materials and energy for all activities.


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CPI Ebner & Spiegel GmbH

Eberhard-Finckh-Straße 61
89075 Ulm

Phone: +49 (0) 731-2056-0

Managing Director:
Chris Malley


CPI Clausen & Bosse GmbH

Birkstraße 10
25917 Leck

Phone: +49 (0) 4662-83-0

Managing Director:
Chris Malley


CPI Moravia Books s.r.o.

Brněnská 1024
69123 Pohořelice
Czech Republic

Phone: +42 (0) 51 9440–111

Managing Director:
Chris Malley


CPI Druckdienstleistungen GmbH

Ferdinand-Jühlke-Straße 7
99095 Erfurt

Phone: no number

Managing Director:
Chris Malley