Auto stock replenishment


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Auto stock replenishment

For many publishers, warehouse management is becoming increasingly important. It involves ever increasing costs and complex management, the growing number of references with the need to keep all titles available for sale and to reconcile them.

Our Automated Stock Management ASR (Auto Stock Replenishment) simplifies the management of your inventory. You can set the minimum inventory values and the value for an automatic reprint for each title. The printed works will then be delivered by us to your distribution centers or as desired.
You benefit from a 100% optimized just-in-time process.

That speaks for us:

  1. Rationalize your inventory
  2. Reduce your administrative costs
  3. Always available books

Reduce your inventory

With automated warehouse management, you only have the minimum amount of inventory needed to serve immediate orders. This also reduces the risks associated with your inventory: less blocked cash, fewer losses on unsold items, reduced and therefore lower cost storage space.

Simplified management of your inventory

Automated order acceptance gives you more than money. Automated inventory management offers the ideal solution for reducing your storage costs. This will give you time to focus on your actual work.