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Changing market requirements and ambitious growth plans require a flexible and agile supplier. It also requires a deep understanding of your current and future state opportunities and the ability to capitalise on a global scale.

Our experience and market share in the book printing industry across global territories enable you to deliver current and new growth with a partner that can already support and facilitate product supply whether small quantities for market testing or a big bang adoption.

Whether you specialise in Trade publishing, Self Publishing, STMA (Scientific, Technical, medical and Academic) or other businesses, we have tailored solutions for every market.

CPI Germany prints for small publishers locally, large British publishers across the UK, and can serve publishers that need to produce or export books abroad.

We have a tradition of printing in the following markets, and have specialists who know inside out the products and needs.

Book publishers

The color book market is extremely diverse. This includes non-fiction books, textbooks, children's books, illustrated books, editions in small numbers or with several ten thousand copies.

Nowadays, production is often implemented in Asia or by specialized printers in Europe for cost reasons.

Trade publishers

The volume of printed scientific, technical and academic books is gradually decreasing. This decline affects different aspects of the process, not least the costs of distribution and storage. Benefit from the comprehensive support provided by CPI. Our solutions are tailored to the new requirements and allow the most cost-effective distribution and storage of many titles in small quantities.

Calendar publishing

The devil is in the details. An incomplete perforation, inaccurate refinement or mediocre pressure can spoil a beautiful product.

That's why CPI gives the highest care to the production of your calendars and diaries and offers you the best materials on the market.

Educational institutions

Local authorities, public institutions and international institutions have a lot to stake in choosing a printing company. Because the pressure should be responsible and in cooperation with a reliable supplier and at the same time reduce costs. This sometimes complicated task is not always easy to solve. But CPI masters them exemplary. The solutions we provide are innovative, efficient and often unique in the marketplace.