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The needs and wishes of our customers are important to us!

For this reason we develop various services that make it easier for you to write your book
to design, visualize, order and much more.


Highway, the online platform for managing your orders, allows you to track production in real time and communicate directly with all CPI printers in Europe.

CPI direct

Through customized web pages for you and your products, your customers can place orders online and automatically transfer and test the files they want, and create the appropriate quote themselves.

Global Print Solutions

At a time when electronic devices are making books and information available instantly and anywhere in the world, is the book even up to date? How can you make it easy and cost effective?

Automated warehouse management

Our Automated Stock Management ASR (Auto Stock Replenishment) simplifies the management of your inventory. You benefit from a 100% optimized just-in-time process.


We handle complex projects with large publisher backlists, transforming them into today's e-book marketplace and delivering all data to more than 70 platforms according to customer specifications.

Data delivery

Here are some useful files and hints for production data delivery.

Spine width calculator

With the CPI spine width calculator you have the possibility to calculate the spine width of your book and also to generate a layout with precise dimensions for your media designer.

Funding program NEUSTART KULTUR

The federal government supports publishers and bookshops with 20 million euros; for example, for printing subsidies and the digitization of distribution channels. The Börsenverein handles the award. Making use of this option is good, important and ensures future funding.

Zero inventory

Our substantial investment in Zero Inventory has allowed publishers to leverage maximum supply chain savings by manufacturing to demand on an industrial scale.

Print on demand (PoD)

With our print on demand service, we hold your documents on file and print copies as and when you need them. Print on Demand allows you to order as little as 1 copy of your book through to thousands of copies.