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Educational institutions

Today, the volume of scientific, technical and academic books printed is gradually shrinking. This decline has affected other aspects of the process, such as distribution and storage costs. In response, CPI offers you full support, with solutions that meet your new needs. They allow you to manage a number of references in small quantities, and distribute/store them more cost-effectively.

Why choose CPI :

  1. Comprehensive knowledge of the issues affecting the industry
  2. Expertise and equipment, guaranteeing perfect manufacturing quality irrespective of the quantity
  3. IT solutions, allowing you to manage stock by optimizing production and order processing

You want a printing company with recognized expertise?

Our employees take every step of the production process with utmost care. Set, digitize, process, convert and archive your files, color or mono, fixed and flexible binding, finishing. CPI employees are experts who put their expertise at your service from order to delivery.

We support you with the long-standing expertise of a continuous tradition

Are you looking for a partner with reliable IT solutions?

Holistic and tailor-made IT solutions

Together with you, our IT staff develop the interfaces necessary for good communication between your company and our production systems. They enable data exchange, file validation, real-time production tracking, and provide activity reports. We offer customized solutions.


You need a powerful partner?

With 2,800 employees and 16 locations in five countries, CPI is one of the largest players in the European book printing market. The company, whose origins date back to 1713, produces over 400 million books annually and is part of a private wealth management office. Richard Hughes is a successful entrepreneur and award-winning investor who supports high-growth companies in a wide range of industries. The RHWO manages its assets and investments.

Products & Services

Online portal

For your prints, we want to continue to provide tailor-made solutions. That's why our teams and IT experts design special online ordering platforms. Through customized web pages for you and your products, your customers can place orders online and automatically transfer and test the files they want, and create the appropriate quote themselves.


There are hardcover, softcover and Integra as well as the flap brochure or paperback. You will always find an open ear for your individual ideas and wishes as well as the corresponding technical advice on adequate equipment variants. At CPI almost everything is possible and we will find the most economical technology for you.