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Zero inventory

Our substantial investment in Zero Inventory has allowed publishers to leverage maximum supply chain savings by manufacturing to demand on an industrial scale. Zero Inventory requires some level of standardisation, notably consolidating some of your paper stocks, though any TPS can go in to the programme.

We take an XML feed directly from your MIS, essentially your sales orders, and print first editions to dues, fulfil those dues directly by shipping to end consumer, retailer or wholesaler. We then take up to two daily feeds to fulfil any new orders (including reprints) printing as little as one unit per title at a time. Our lead time here for hardbacks can be as low as 48 hours and paperbacks as low as 24 hours enabling the service to mirror picking units from stock.


  • • Your books are always available
  • • Zero stock commitment
  • • Sizeable strategic savings

Do you need your stock or can you go to zero inventory?

We can manage inventory for publishers, this allows the publisher to divest from either having their own warehouse, or from using a third party warehouse.

Once CPI provide global insight and audit of the supply chain the publisher decides which titles to keep in stock on an Auto Stock Replenishment programme based on sales demand, and those lines which can be kept as virtual stock via Zero Inventory. This reduces warehousing costs, working capital, obsolescence and administrative costs, including reducing publisher headcount, a significant fixed cost saving.

Do you need to reduce your stock management costs?

Publishers are responding to market dynamics and are focusing on reducing end-to-end supply chain costs utilising short runs, fast turnaround to;

  1. • Match supply to demand
  2. • Lessen dependence on forecasting
  3. • Reduce inventories and obsolescence
  4. • Speed time to market
  5. • Test new content and unknown markets
  6. • Provide markets with high value personalised or customised content.

The focus very much now is on the cost to serve. We are at the forefront of utilising technology, workflow development, product consolidation, and direct fulfilment to provide solutions and inventory models to meet these needs.

Do your titles need a fast turnaround?

Our lead time is 24 hours for paperback books and 48 hours for hardback books enabling the service to mirror picking units from stock.

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