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There are hardcover, softcover and Integra as well as the flap brochure or paperback. You will always find an open ear for your individual ideas and wishes as well as the corresponding technical advice on adequate equipment variants. At CPI almost anything is possible and of course we will find the most economical technology for you to ensure the best possible price.


The paperbacks produced millions of times directly in our plants offer you more flexibility in terms of format, paper type and finishing. Of course, printable in different edition heights.

For the bestseller "paperback" the rule of thumb is: Anything that is not hardcover or paperback is paperback. This also applies to larger brochures that have no flap. The simple integral ceiling is generally only listed on the paperback list.

Illustrated books

The color book market is extremely diverse. This includes non-fiction books, textbooks, children's books, illustrated books, editions in small numbers or with several ten thousand copies. Nowadays, production is often implemented in Asia or by specialized printers in Europe for cost reasons.

We are equipped to print color books in any edition and in any format, from offset presses to Quantum technology.

Thin pressure

CPI prints bibles and other religious books for many clients in Europe and around the world. Furthermore, we produce directories and reference books with a very high number of pages: bound or paperback, sewn or glued with PUR. Our presses can handle paper with only 28g and we can bind books with a back of just 3mm.

Comics & Mangas

Every year around 7 million mangas leave our plants. These comics, printed in black and white only, are available in pocket-size with dust jacket. Again, depending on your needs, we offer 1 to 1 million books.