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CPI Zeitfracht Medien

CPI Zeitfracht Medien Print-On-Demand partnership for paperback and hardback books is located directly inside Zeitfracht Medien GmbH’s logistics centre in Erfurt. Enabling publishers to hold virtual stock, titles within the programme are shown as immediately available and printed same day for delivery to booksellers the following morning.

All PoD suitable ISBNs stored by the publisher at CPI can be easily activated in the Zeitfracht Medien order catalogues. These titles are accessible to all online booksellers, as well as over 4,000 stationary booksellers.

Benefits of the CPI Zeitfracht Medien partnership

  • Availability for each of your titles ​​with overnight logistic in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Production time over Zeitfracht Medien of less than 2.5 hours for paperback + one day Hardback​
  • Zero shipment costs or customs fees to the German wholesaler Zeitfracht Medien as well as returns (Non EU member countries)
  • Existing print data at CPI can be used for PoD​
  • Zero setup or warehousing costs
  • Production capacity of up to 9,000 copies per day
  • More environmentally friendly through reduction of paper waste and shipment between publisher warehouse and Zeitfracht Medien wholesale

How does it work?

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