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Our technical equipment.


In pre-press we can process any format of your data with us or our German colleagues - XML, EBOOK, SGML or EPUB. Together with our specialists, we also realize your projects online.

Of course, you do not have to do without modern print preparation services. Your files in all common forms that you will find on the market, as well as color proofs of your data are kept well with us.



We use Rotoman, Lithoman and KBA Compacta offset presses to put your thoughts on paper without hesitation. We print parts of your products in full color on a Heidelberg XL sheetfed offset press. Leaves come as folded double production from rotary printing. The folded sheets are deposited on four gathering machines with an optical inspection system.



Fold, sew, glue, hang. We give your products an unmistakable expression and quality craftsmanship. It does not matter what you choose. Paper, canvas or leather - we process all common upholstery materials.

For best results, we use different types of melt and dispersion adhesives on our four adhesives. For sewing, seven sewing threads are available, three of which are connected in an online gathering system.

Our finishing specialists are ready to fulfill your desire for your books on the shelves of the bookstores to attract attention and make a compelling impression. We offer a wide range of services - laminating films, UV varnishes, embossed UV varnishes, embossing foils, blind embossing, stamping, assembling. Of course, there is the packaging and shipping of the product, which are optimally protected to the destination.