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Global Print Solutions

At a time when electronic devices are making books and information available instantly and anywhere in the world, is the book even up to date? How can you make it easy and cost effective?

Global Print Solutions (GPS) was developed at the request of some of our customers. This network allows you to easily and cost-effectively distribute your plants around the world. It is a system that has been proven for several years and has convinced many publishers.

That speaks for us:

Int. Printers Network

Simplified procedure

Flexibility and reliability

The best print network in the world

Simplified and powerful process

With CPI, you do not have to order a book multiple times to have it delivered to different countries. With just one order, you can have it produced at different locations worldwide.

We make your document available all over the world. It is produced by our GPS partners as close as possible to the end user. Her (paperbound, bound, sewn or spiraled) books are made by our partners according to exactly the same control and quality criteria.

Cost-saving, high-quality and safe solution

GPS offers you three advantages:
  1. Cheaper: Reduced delivery costs as you print as close as possible to the consumer
  2. Easier: only one contact person and one bill
  3. Safer: CPI guarantees you reputable and reliable partners with whom we have been working for many years