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Trade book publishing

The color book market is extremely diverse. This includes non-fiction books, textbooks, children's books, illustrated books, editions in small numbers or with several ten thousand copies. Nowadays, production is often implemented in Asia or by specialized printers in Europe for cost reasons.

We are equipped to print color books in any edition and in any format, from offset presses to Quantum technology.

That speaks for us:

  1. Wide range of products
  2. Solutions for short runs and print-on-demand
  3. Fast delivery fritters

A printing company, for every type of book production

CPI gives you access to a multitude of solutions for unrivaled equipment and finishing quality. Whether binding with a straight or round back, broaching, Integra binding, etc.

Versatile finishing or finishing solutions for your unique book

From a single copy to a small edition

Single copy or small edition? We offer you the solution.

Our equipment meets all your requirements. With our HP Indigo and Canon presses, even short runs and even single-copy printing pose no problems. To optimize production costs, from 100 to 200 copies, depending on the nature of the work, in offset or inkjet printing.


Are you looking for faster printer operation?

With our 16 print shops across Europe, we are in the midst of the major book markets and in the immediate vicinity of the distribution centers. Thanks to a holistic and automated system for production and order management, we can react more quickly and trigger production within a few hours to deliver it to you at short notice.


Products & Services

Product innovations & patents

In our CPI lab, some of Europe's best technicians work alongside sales teams and in collaboration with our suppliers to discover innovative solutions, always with the goal of making your printed books and documents even more beautiful, original and even more surprising. Let yourself be inspired.


Your management system and highway can be easily connected. On one screen, you can see all the titles - both the titles being produced and your old ones. So you can always access all details of your orders. Try it out right now.