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Email Security Information

We use modern mechanisms on our e-mail systems to detect and eliminate harmful content.
Nevertheless, certain content poses particular risks that we want to exclude from the outset for security reasons.
Therefore, we do not allow all file types as attachments in incoming e-mails.
Below you will find an overview of permitted file formats as well as those that we refuse to accept.
Also, forbidden file attachments in a packed archive (e.g. ZIP, RAR, etc. ...) are detected by our security systems and the messages are then rejected.

Prohibited file formats

Application:File extension:Measure:
Microsoft Word (before 2007) document*.docRejection
Microsoft Word (before 2007) template*.dotRejection
Microsoft Word (current) document with macros*.docmRejection
Microsoft Excel (before 2007) document*.xlsRejection
Microsoft Excel (before 2007) Template*.xltRejection
Microsoft Excel (current) Document with macros*.xlsmRejection
Microsoft Powerpoint (before 2007) Presentation*.pptRejection
Microsoft Powerpoint (current) Präsentation mit Makros*.pptmRejection
Microsoft Publisher (before 2007 and current)*.pubRejection
Microsoft Excel (current) Document with macros*.xltmRejection
Microsoft Windows Powershell*.ps1
Microsoft Visual Studio Macro*.vsmacrosRejection
Programm information file*.pifRejection
HTML application*.htaRejection
Microsoft Windows Batch Skript*.com
Microsoft Basic Code*.basRejection
Microsoft Visual Basic Skript*.vbe
Microsoft Windows Registry Files*.regRejection
Executable programs*.exeRejection
Apple MAC OS application bundle*.appRejection
Microsoft animated cursor*.aniRejection
WinACE Archive file*.aceRejection

Allowed file formats

Generally allowed are harmless formats like graphics, photos, videos.
Other document formats worth mentioning and relevant are listed in the following table:

Application:File extension:Measure:
Microsoft Word (current) Dokument*.docxapproved
Microsoft Excel (current) Dokument*.xlsxapproved
Microsoft Powerpoint (current) Presentation*.pptxapproved
Comma separated value*.csvapproved
Simple text file*.txtapproved
Rich Text Format*.rtfapproved
Portabe Document Format*.pdfapproved
Open Document Text*.odtapproved
Open Document Sheet (Table document)*.odsapproved
Open Document Drawing (Illustration or drawing)*.odgapproved
Open Document Format*.odfapproved


If you have any questions regarding IT and e-mail security, please contact IT via our central office or the person responsible for you directly.