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Scientific, technical, medical and academic publishing

The color book market is extremely diverse. This includes non-fiction books, textbooks, children's books, illustrated books, editions in small numbers or with several ten thousand copies. Nowadays, production is often implemented in Asia or by specialized printers in Europe for cost reasons.We are equipped to print color books in any edition and in any format, from offset presses to Quantum technology. The trade book market is extremely important for publishers and covers fiction and non-fiction books, children's books, in small numbers or with several ten thousand copies.

Major publishing houses
Small or medium publisher
Major publishing houses

Small or medium publisher

Are you looking for Print-on-Demand or would you like to print short runs?

We can print single copies or very small editions bound or paperback books in black and white or in color on different types of paper. You can make your files accessible for Print-on-Demand from the first order.

For you as well as for us only a few clicks are required to reprint single or fewer copies.

Print-on-Demand offers the right solution for you to print books that you no longer hang up to manage your catalog inventory or to handle one-off peak demand.

Are you looking for IT solutions for your warehouse management?

With CPI you have an always available stock at no extra cost!

Auto stock replenishment (ASR) allows you to set minimum inventory values and the value for automatic reprinting. This reduces the administrative costs of ordering reprints.

With our bespoke web-to-print, print-to-order and zero-stock solutions developed in collaboration with our clients, your order transfer is streamlined and simplified in a just-in-time manner.


You need a larger storage capacity and the execution of orders and sales?

For your national and international markets, we offer you a consolidation of your stocks, a direct delivery and the execution of orders.

Thanks to our Global Print Solutions® (GPS) network, all you need to do is tell us the quantities you need per market and country. We will make your document available to you all over the world. It will then be printed by our GPS partners as close as possible to the end customer.


Products & Services

Automated warehouse management

For many publishers, warehouse management is becoming increasingly important. It involves ever increasing costs and complex management, the growing number of references with the need to keep all titles available for sale and to reconcile them.


There are hardcover, softcover and Integra as well as the flap brochure or paperback. You will always find an open ear for your individual ideas and wishes as well as the corresponding technical advice on adequate equipment variants.