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CPI in Europe

CPI Group Founded in 1996 in France. Its members include printers with a long tradition such as Firmin Didot in France, Ebner and Spiegel in Germany or Mackays in the UK. In Europe, you will find 13 CPI print shops dedicated to the production of books, Brochures and catalogs are specialized. The group produces more than 400 million books annually and works with 2,000 publishers in more than 17 countries around the world.

CPI Germany consists of the printers CPI Clausen & Bosse in Leck, CPI Ebner & Spiegel in Ulm, CPI Druckdienstleistungen in Erfurt and CPI Moravia Books in Pohorelice (Czech Republic).

Belonging to the broad CPI family, we can really print unlimited.

Our locations:

Factories Commercial offices

Our printers:

CPI Ebner & Spiegel GmbH

Eberhard-Finckh-Straße 61
89075 Ulm

Phone: +49 (0) 731-2056-0

Managing Director:
Chris Malley


CPI Clausen & Bosse GmbH

Birkstraße 10
25917 Leck

Phone: +49 (0) 4662-83-0

Managing Director:
Chris Malley


CPI Moravia Books s.r.o.

Brněnská 1024
69123 Pohořelice
Czech Republic

Phone: +42 (0) 51 9440–111

Managing Director:
Chris Malley


CPI Druckdienstleistungen GmbH

Ferdinand-Jühlke-Straße 7
99095 Erfurt

Phone: no number

Managing Director:
Chris Malley


Our contact persons:

Stefan Guggenmos
Head of Key Accounting

Martina Grein
Head of Sales International

Michael Wolter
Head of Sales Norddeutschland

Gunter Estelmann
Head of Sales Süddeutschland

Katja Marxmeier
Head of Digital Media

Milos Graef
Sales Manager (CZ/AUT/SVK/BO)

Petr Gunka
Head of Sales Polen