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Diaries and Calendars Publishing

The devil is in the details. An incomplete perforation, inaccurate refinement or mediocre pressure can spoil a beautiful product. That's why CPI gives the highest care to the production of your calendars and diaries and offers you the best materials on the market.

That speaks for us:

  1. Our production quality
  2. The strength of our industrial equipment

You want a printing company with recognized expertise?

Our employees handle every step of the production process perfectly. This procedure has proven itself. Every year we produce more than 10 million calendars and diaries throughout Europe.
In addition to the exceptional print quality, we offer a variety of finishing options: gilding, embossing, leather or fabric binding, ornaments, special paints, etc.

We support you with the long-standing expertise of a continuous tradition.

You have to print large quantities?

Take advantage of our unique industrial equipment in Europe, which includes over a dozen sheetfed and production lines, over 50 digital or web offset presses. Our industrial strategy is based on regular investments. For our long-term vision, we know the key suppliers by our side. With this company policy, we ensure a timely delivery, even in times of production or unforeseen events.


Products & Services

Automated warehouse management

For many publishers, warehouse management is becoming increasingly important. It involves ever increasing costs and complex management, the growing number of references with the need to keep all titles available for sale and to reconcile them.


There are hardcover, softcover and Integra as well as the flap brochure or paperback. You will always find an open ear for your individual ideas and wishes as well as the corresponding technical advice on adequate equipment variants.