450,000 books placed neutral!

450,000 books placed neutral!

Dear customers,

We are very pleased that you have signed up for our newsletter. For each registration, CPI has promised to offset 1 tonne of CO2. We can tell you today that we
100 tons of CO2
through our partner "First Climate". According to a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, water scarcity will be one of the most acute environmental problems in Southeast Asia in the near future. We are therefore converting the CO2 amount into a gold standard certified sustainability project for water treatment in Cambodia.

The global community under the umbrella of the United Nations has committed itself to 17 global goals for a better future. CPI has also committed to following this model, so that a decent life is made possible worldwide and at the same time the natural foundations of life are permanently preserved. This includes economic, ecological and social aspects.

But how much CO2 does the production of a book cause? It all depends on which materials, how high the circulation, the equipment and the scope are. This is calculated individually for each book. We will be happy to help you and make you an offer for the specific CO2 neutral production of your book.

Our 100 tons would have neutralized around 50,000 copies for a more complex, thick book and even up to around 450,000 books for a simple paperback!

We will keep working on it and thank you for your support!

Your CPI teams in
Leck, Ulm, Birkach and Pohorelice

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