POD service in Erfurt has started

POD service in Erfurt has started

As you may have seen in the press, Zeitfracht and CPI have started production and delivery of POD orders.
Print On Demand in the logistics center protects our environment, keeps the backlist available and makes economic sense. Soft and hard covers remain available in CPI quality for all those who want classics and specialist books and very specific books.

Our goal is to deliver POD titles together with stock titles in one package and overnight. Print on demand directly from the bar range makes economic sense for the backlist: there are no fixed costs, no storage costs, and no expense whatsoever compared to small-scale reprints. There is not even an additional invoice, Zeitfracht bundles everything on the familiar invoice.
Our tip: Set up the first print as POD-capable on cpidirect.de to avoid the hassle of switching to POD later on. And: If you have good reasons for not wanting to do without stock, CPI warehouse management can help you with automated reprints.

To the Börsenblatt press article

Have more questions or want to get started?
Feel free to contact us personally...

Michael Klasche
+49 (0)731 2056-362
Christian Praller
+49 (0)9502 92094-14
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